Saturday, August 28, 2010


Fuck, I'm grounded. Dad's such a dick. I'm 2010 years old, I'm practically an adult! Ah well. Guess I have to spend the rest of the day in the abyss. Whatever, I still have my computer! I'm checking out a bunch of your blogs, lots of you have stuff to say. I lol'd at the Minecraft one, lol. I engineered physics to work differently than that XD! Rofl, computers are neat. I love you mortals, always inventing new shit. I'm gonna check out some new stuff you mortals made, see ya!


  1. oh jesus, i think its time for you to get out of your basements dad, and go live with your bitches, like mary magdalene.

  2. Mary is my mom, lul. Not much of an improvement! rofl

    And I'm getting a new apartment a few blocks down. Heaven's a big place, and I can just make more if I don't have enough. Lol! So yeah. Whatcha up to, man? How's that small penis workin'?