Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey mortals. Just checkin' in. I was away for a bit more than a week, rofl. I had to cut off the majority of the water supply in China, so I was a bit off schedule. It's all settled. Lol china.

Sooooo, Dad is bringing over a guest for dinner tonight. It's Judas motherfucking Iscariot. That bitch. I think he's gonna betray me. AGAIN. Fucker. I was all like "No, Father, let's put him back in hell!", but then the Lord was all like, "NAH MAN, NOW WHADID I SAY ABOUT DEM CHINESE?!" so as you might imagine, I'm a tad overworked. And now Judas is coming over. I'm gonna damn him as soon as I see him. Lol.

Btw my Dad has both a penis and a vagina, I accidentally saw it/them when He was in Thy Holy Can, so... that image is burned in my brain. Btw, I have a pretty damn Holy brain, so imagine what it would do to YOU. Oh snap. Lol.

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